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While in college, I was confronted with the reality that apart from Jesus people are lost. My heart is that students will encounter Christ and learn to walk with Him for a lifetime. I hope this site will help you to know more about me, my heart for college students and the ministry God has called me to with Campus Crusade for Christ, now called Cru. I also hope that you catch a glimpse of all that God is doing through your prayers and investments to reach university students with the love of Christ.

God used the ministry of Campus Crusade to change my life as a college student. I began the journey of knowing Christ and having a personal relationship with Him during my sophomore year at Louisiana State University through a sorority sister who was involved in Campus Crusade for Christ. Campus Crusade helped foster my spiritual development and helped to equip me to be an effective witness for Christ. After placing my faith in Christ and beginning to grow, I became increasingly aware of the great need that fellow students had for a personal relationship with God.

As I sought to discover God's plan for my future, it became obvious that God was calling me to serve Him as a missionary to college students. I am committed to investing my life in people and helping them become effective in their Christian life while in college and for the rest of their lives. I believe that the battle for the soul and mind is taking place on university campuses all across the nation and the world. Most university students are in the process of developing their own personal belief system and worldview. Thus, the strategic opportunity to reach and influence university students for Christ presents itself as very exciting and important to me. My vision is to be used by God in winning students to Christ, building them to be disciples, and sending them out to win and train others.

My first three y
ears on staff were at The University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Then I was asked to come back to LSU to be the Associate Campus Director. I have been back at my alma mater for 16 years.


Trusting God to send students to be Christ-centered

laborers for a lifetime.

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